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A gentle scent of sweet malted rice permeates the store. Old inactive equipment, such as a cask for keeping soy sauce and a ladle, tell how long the business has been running. The store, which is making and selling Miso, malted rice and other fermented food products, was established in 1520. This, the oldest shop in Fukui Prefecture, is located in the centre of Fukui City, the area of which used to be called ‘Ichijo-machi’. It is an old place name which came from ‘Ichijo-dani’, the base for the Asakura clan who controlled the area during the Sengoku period (late 15th Century to 16th Century). ‘Since our family also succeeded the family crest of Mitsumori Mokko, which has been passed down the female lines of Asakura family, I was told that we might have been in the family line of a senior vassal of the Asakura family’ says Hisaji, the 18th generation owner of the store.

Ten years ago, he opened a cooking school by renovating the first floor of the store. ‘We would like people to know about the traditional dishes that use fermented food products, which are indispensable ingredients of Fukui’s food culture.’ His wife Noriko teaches in the school. The reputation of the healthy and tasty local dishes, as well as the lovely personality of Noriko, has spread via word of mouth, and nowadays there are many people visiting the school from outside of the local area. A new approach of a long-established business with a dense history is continuing the food culture of Fukui for the next generations.

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[Ⅰ]Miso, malted rice and other fermented food products are on sale in the store.
[Ⅲ]‘Marinated radish and herring’ is a famous local dish in Echizen Province.
[Ⅳ]‘Chirashi Sushi of Heshiko (blue-backed fish)’. The aroma and taste of rice bran whet our appetite.
[Ⅴ]‘Chiffon cake of Miso and Amazake (sweet fermented rice drink)’. Amazake sauce with a texture of rice grain is topped with the juice of Japanese persimmon.

味噌・糀「国嶋清平商店」 ‘Kunijima Syoten’ Miso and Malted Rice

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