2nd issue

Release 2018.12.3



住宅事例 横内敏人 / 泉 幸甫 / 堀部康嗣 / 木下龍一 / 益子義弘 / 田中敏溥 / 藤井 章 / 竹原義二 / 木原千利 / 郡 裕美 + 遠藤敏也 / 手嶋 保 / 坂本 昭 / 関 洋


「麦の家」の冬 ・自然に学ぶ自給自足の生活 / 京都「丹」の朝ごはん・日本の美味を訪ねる / ギャラリー&カフェ 帝・東京・神楽坂 / 松葉孝夫・現代デザインのパイオニア / 陶芸家 工藤和彦 / サンジミニャーノへの思い・イタリア トスカーナの丘・田中敏溥 / 日本の美邸セレクション ストーブ・暖炉 / 連載・冷泉家の四季 八百年の和歌の家・冷泉貴実子

Studies in residential design: Toshihito Yokouchi / Kosuke Izumi / Yasushi Horibe / Ryoichi Kinoshita / Yoshihiro Masuko / Toshihiro Tanaka / Akira Fujii / Yoshiji Takehara / Chitoshi Kihara / Yumi Kori + Toshiya Endo / Tamotsu Teshima / Akira Sakamoto / Hiroshi Seki

Mitsumori Furukawa, Master of Bonfire
‘By the way, the tip for making a fire is placing two thick wooden batons in parallel between a comfortable gap. Next, light something which easily catches fire such as papers or dry conifer foliage. Then on top of it, add bits of bamboo split or twigs in the same direction as the batons at the bottom. You never place them concentrically like the stereotypical image of a bonfire.’

Winter in the House of Wheat: Self-sufficient life learnt from nature
Breakfast at ‘Tan’ in Kyoto: Visiting Japanese delicacy
Gallery & Cafe Mikado, Kagurazaka, Tokyo
Takao Matsuba: Pioneer of contemporary design
Kazuhiko Kudo, Potter
‘Aspiration for San Gimignano: Hills of Tuscany in Italy’ text by Toshihiro Tanaka
Japan Quality selection: Wood-burning stove and fireplace
Serial Article: Four seasons of Reizei family ‘House of eight hundred years of Uta (Waka poetry)’ text by Kimiko Reizei